Tax & Business Law

Following my graduation from New York University’s Graduate Law School in 1986, I began practicing and serving customers across Colorado and Wyoming. My team and I operate out of two offices in Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY.

My areas of practice include tax, bankruptcy, and business law and other services. I am proud to serve individuals, businesses, and corporations to relieve tax and financial burdens. Together with my team, I will work to help you gain the results you deserve.

Taxation Law

Whether you are experiencing personal or business tax issues, my team and I are here to help. I have over thirty years of experience representing clients in a variety of tax matters. I can help you with a broad range of tax matters including failure to file tax returns, delinquent payroll taxes, tax audits, installment agreements, offers-in-compromise and tax-related bankruptcies. It is my goal to help you find the solution, or combination of solutions, that will best meet your immediate and long-term needs. As your attorney, I will take all relevant factors into consideration and provide you with guidance on how to best reduce your tax liabilities at the lowest possible cost.

My tax law services include:

  • Delinquent Taxpayers: Prepare and file missing tax returns.
  • Tax Audits: Representing taxpayers before taxing authorities in audit proceedings.
  • Collection Issues: Helping taxpayers with unpaid taxes, penalties and interest.
  • Criminal Tax Proceedings: Representing taxpayers in criminal cases involving criminal violations of tax laws.
  • Installment Agreements/Partial Payment Installment Agreements: Assisting taxpayers in negotiating plans which allow taxpayers to pay their taxes over time.
  • Offers in Compromise: Prepare and represent taxpayers in submitting offers in compromise to taxing authorities which then allows taxpayers to settle their tax debts for less than payment in full.
  • Assisting taxpayers who have fallen out of compliance with taxing authorities with the goal of getting them back in compliance with filings and payments.
  • Audit Reconsideration Requests: Helping taxpayers repair the damage they suffered during an ineffective tax audit and securing abatements of improper or illegal assessments.
  • Tax-Related Bankruptcies: Assist taxpayers in discharging tax liabilities through one or more bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Tax and Business Planning Services: Assist taxpayers and their accountants and return-preparers in structuring new and existing businesses and business transactions to minimize tax liabilities.
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Cases: Defend clients when the taxing authorities are proposing to assess 100-150% penalties in trust fund cases.
  • Tax Litigation: Represent taxpayers in cases before the United States Tax Court and refund cases in the United States District Court and the United States Claims Court.

Business Law and Other Services

My services for individuals and businesses are designed to help you achieve your goals, maintain financial stability, and help you strengthen your financial condition. Over the last thirty years, I have represented a varied clientele ranging from consumer debtors trying to get back on their feet financially to successful entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business internationally to some of the largest multi-national companies in the world.

My business law services include:

  • Analyzing business and tax consequences of proposed transactions.
  • New business formations and choice of entities.
  • Forming entities and establishing business operations in the United States and internationally.
  • Asset Protection, Business & Estate Planning

My goal is to help you achieve and maintain a stable financial future for your and your business, while protecting your company and personal finances.

For more information about taxation law, business law, or any of my other services, please call (970) 493-3359 to reach the Fort Collins office or (307) 634-6635 to reach the Cheyenne office.